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Chez KiKi is  a more than 40-year-more old apartment located in a lovely lane of the Kaohsiung city center. It was originally an employee housing of an old building foundation company. The apartment has been standing still there long and witnessed how the city began to thrive. It stored the memories of the old neighborhood. Few years ago, the owners Nato and Trista renovated and modernized this old house by heart and turned it into a share house studio-CHEZ KIKI, which means the house of KIKI, the cute Pomeranian they raise. They expected this apartment could be a city nest where people around the world could live and meet and set minds peace and free.




Our Kaohsiung chill-chill


As the second largest city in Taiwan, Kaohsiung is a energetic city with its own distinct commercial culture and regional identity. It's modern and busy - but has layback island feeling somehow. People here are easy-going, open-minded and have their own enthusiastic embrace of modernity. If you visit Kaohsiung — don't be shy to talk to the locals. People in Kaohsiung are edgier, less sophisticated, curious about everything and usaully have their own senses of humor. You will definitely get chill by striving a conversation with a Kaohsiunger!




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