About the 24 solar terms and Qiufen


The 24 solar terms are special terms created by ancient working people of China. The terms have governed the agricultural arrangements among Chinese and Taiwanese for more than 2000 years and still function even now. The terms also corresponded with Taiwanese traditional dietary patterns- to eat nourishing seasonal foods, not only for staying healthy and but living in harmony with the land you live(身土不二).


Dongzhi usually begins around 21 Dec and ends around 5 Jan. Dong(冬) means "winter" and zhi(至) means "extreme", so Dongzhi signifies the summit of winter, as "midwinter" is used in English. In Taiwan, Dongzhi is considered an important festival even today. The origins of this festival can be traced back to the yin and yang philosophy of balance and harmony in the cosmos. After this celebration, there will be days with longer daylight hours and therefore an increase in positive energy flowing in. 


Dongzhi is also regarded as the best time of the year to take tonic foods together with family and friends. The most popular winter tonic foods to fight cold and strengthen the body's resistance for we Kaohsiungners are mutton hot pot and ginger duck hot pot. Another festive food is the pink-and-white Tangyuan in sweet soup, symbolizing family unity and prosperity on this day. In an interesting twist, some old people here take the Tangyuan that have been used as worship offerings and stick them on the back of the door or on windows as a gesture of thanks to god for giving the good harvests and peace this year. 


Farmers' Market Tour and Cooking Class


Let us follow the 24 solar terms and join the tour of Breeze Market, one the most important organic farmers’ markets in Taiwan. Our guide and your interaction with the farmers will get you excited about making healthy food choices by building a sense of connection to the people who grow their food.(1.5hrs)


Then bring back the local fresh produces to the cooking class, where you will learn the essence of Taiwanese culinary tradition. Let’s appreciate the ancient wisdom of 24 solar terms and bon appetit!(3-3.5hrs)


Recipe for Dongzhi  (20 DEC & 27 DEC, 2014)


│Ginger Duck Hot Pot│ 

    Old ginger . Brassica juncea . Chrysanthemum coronarium . Taiwanese red       face duck . Chinese herbs . Egg dumpling . Crystal dumpling .

    Sun-dried tofu skin . Homemade frozen tofu .


A hot pot dish we Kaohsiungners indulged the most during winter time. For us, it’s not only a delicious tonic food but a happy social meal with everyone cooking together. In this class, you will be introduced an authentic recipe of this savory soup dish, from how to perfectly release the fragrant by stirring fry ingredients with traditional black sesame oil, to cook an out-of this-world broth by correctly leverage the ratio the Chinese herbs and rice wine. You will also learn how to homemake egg dumpling, crystal dumpling and frozen tofu, which are popular and commonly seen in any Taiwanese hot pot dish.


│Pickled Meinong White Jade Radish│

     White jade radish


White jade radish is a mild-flavored winter radish grows mainly in Meinong, a lovely Hakka village surrounded by hill and rivers in Kaohsiung suburb. White jade radish is meager and smaller in size compare to the other breeds of radish. However, it has a finer, silkier texture and an special charming fragrance. November and December is the harvest season of this savory white radish.  In this class, you will learn a traditional pickled recipe, which is regarded as the best way to taste the flavor of this seasonal treasure.


│Tanyaun with Bannana Cream and Roselle Syrup│

     Glutinous rice . Musa basjoo banana . Roselle calyces


Tangyuan is a popular Taiwanese dessert made from glutinous rice flour. It is also an important festive food in Dongzhi, a symbol of family unity and prosperity on this day. Tanyuan can be enjoyed in various ways. The most traditional one is in sweet soups. Fried and drizzle with syrup and roasted peanut powder is another classic option. In this class, We are going to turn this old world comfort dessert into a yummy fancy sweet by mixing and matching Tanyaun with the seasonal produces. Yo will also learn the tips of making a perfect dough of Tangyuan! 



farm to table project:

Donzhi(winter solstice)


2500NTD/per person

 what's included 


⊿ The insider's tour of Beeze Market. You will be introduced the in season culinary highlights and little known treasures of suburban Kaohsiung.


⊿ Direct interaction with local farmers. Taste the produces they grew and the home-made foods they made.


⊿ Taiwanese cooking class in the fully equipped cooking studio Le Petit Voyage . Learn the spirit and techniques of Taiwanese cuisine and cook 3 dishes with fresh ingredients from the farmers' market.


⊿  Small group up to 10 people.


⊿  Shuttle from the market to the cooking class.


⊿ Enthusiastic and formative professional market guides and chefs, both are bilingual(Chinese/English) or with English-speaking assistants.


⊿ Recipe booklet, all the class materials and secret souvenir.


⊿ NTD $2,000,000 liability insurance and $200,000 accident insurance for each person. 




⊿ Dates | 20 DEC, 2014   09:00-14:00(5hrs)

                    27 DEC, 2014   08:30-13:30(5hrs)


⊿ Meeting point| Exit 1, Fongshan West station, Kaohsiung MRT Orange Line. Meet at 09:00. (12/27 08:30 AM)


⊿ Payment|Please pay by credit card or transfer to appointed bank account after confirming by our customer service representative.


⊿ Additional information| Please inform in advance if you are vegetarian or have any special diet/seafood allergy. If there is unforeseen circumstances occurred, “chill chill Kaohsiung” keeps the right to cancel or change the activity.






 ⊿ Cancellation Policy|A full refund will be provided if you cancel your booking 5 days prior to the activity date. (Transfer fee will be deducted from refund.) Cancellations within 5 days prior to the activity date is contributed to a penalty of FULL attending fee.


⊿ Weather Policy|The activity runs regardless of weather conditions. In the rare situation where the we need to cancel the event, it will be allowed to cancel or reschedule to another time.


⊿ Other Policy | Minimum 6 people are required, maximum 8 people are allowed. If there are less than 6 persons booked, a full refund will be arranged to you 3 days prior to the activity.


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Farmer's market tour in Kaohsiung
Farmer's market tour in Kaohsiung

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Taiwanese Cooking Class
Taiwanese Cooking Class

荔枝蔡燕 ‧ Lychee Agar Jelly

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