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小農市集  - 廚藝教室  -  台灣在地料理   從 產 地 到 餐 桌

去去高雄 - Chill chill Kaohsiung Project       2014首場體驗活動





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 food adventure 

 farm to table project 

A eat trip to taste the season of Kaohsiung from farm to table.


Let us follow the 24 solar terms and join an insider's tour of Breeze Market, one of the most important farmers’ markets in Taiwan. You will meet the local farmers and be introduced to the in season culinary highlights and little known treasures of suburban Kaohsiung. 


Then bring back the local fresh produces to the cooking class, where you will learn the essence of Taiwanese culinary tradition. The menu could be a Taiwanese fusion recipe, a local peasant food, or a secret private course from a Kaohsiung mommy. Let’s appreciate the ancient wisdom of 24 solar terms and bon appetit!

 Cook with a local chef  

A foodie must do in Kaohsiung

It is a customized Taiwanese class. 


In this project, you will be introduced the seasonal local ingredients and learn 3 traditional Taiwanese dishes step by step from our chef. 


The cooking class will be start from 10 AM or 2 PM. The recipe could be a Kaohsiung street food recipe, a classic Taiwanese banquet dish, local peasant food, Taiwanese vegan dish or a secret private course from a Kaohsiung mommy. You can choose what kind of menu you would like to have. And there will be an optional farmers' market if you choose a date on Saturday or Sunday morning.

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