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  遊船 Kaohsiung fun cruises 

  Kaohsiung fun cruises 



美濃 微旅行 Meinong field trip 






Meinong field trip 


Meet  the Hakka culture and beauty 

Meinong (美濃), 40-50 mins drive from Kaohsiung city center, is a living museum of Taiwanese Hakka culture. Surrounded by hills and fertilized by rivers, it has rich historical components include Huo-Fangs (traditional Hakka 3-sided houses with a courtyard), delicate handicrafts, oil paper umbrellas, ceramic arts and Hakka cuisine. Due to its pristine environment, Meinong also nurtures one of the best quality agricultural products in Taiwan. 


The field trip includes a walking tour around the oldest town, a full Hakka lei cha tea ceremony (or a experience of making traditional Hakka farmers' snacks ), a sightseeing tour deep inside the Hakka village and a Hakka dinner. A private, tailored tour is also organizable.

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