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郭銘哲 Roger Kuo 

Roger is one of the most popular young freelance writers in Taiwan. Natively born and raised, Roger is sensitive to the loacl culture in Kaohsiung. He likes to lost himself in the streets in search of fun and local flavors. He is continuesly writing about fun life in Kaohsiung for various magazines in Taiwan, especially the street food. He ever owned a special column  “The Kaohsiung Flavor” in the publication of Eslite Bookstore, Taiwan’s most popular bookstore chains which was described as "the most advanced and exceptional bookstore in the world.”by the international magazine Monocle. From proposal, interview, edition to publication, his fourth publication 《雄好呷》, which is about the street foods in Kaohsiung, took 6 years to complete. Today Roger settles down in Kaohsiung and keep working on writing.




My Kaohsiung chill-chill


The chilliest scene I feel proud of my city Kaohsiung is the street food. The city image of Kaohsiung is considered more urban-like. However, when you navigate into alleyways, you will easily find a food stand lighting up there and there is a grandma/grandpa making traditional Taiwanese little eats of every description which glorious scent announcements waft through the air. The recipes are usaually passed down from generations and treated with warm hospitality. You can just sit down, be savoured of some food, and feel the Kaohsiung-style casual as well as the real local. It will not only satisfy your stomach but also your mind. 





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